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My friend told me that he had bought a new watch.

We'll contact you as soon as we know.

Our Web site, http://www.example.com will tell you all you need to know.

You should consider it.

I wanted to tell you where I'd been, but Kristi told me not to.

Everyone attacked my opinion.

Wendy seems to be slightly flustered.

Sridharan skimmed the report.

Can you read between the lines?


She shrieked.


He came across some old documents in the closet.

There seem to be few people who can solve that math problem.

I want you to give Axel a message.


The Large Hadron Collider is the world's largest particle accelerator.

My cousin is the second to the last person in the line.

Paul isn't playing by the rules.


They are maneuvering behind the scene.


Hein isn't very imaginative, is he?

Have you always been a comedian?

This is the hat I've been looking for.

I'm sure he'd be delightfully taken aback if you cleaned your apartment.

Will you have another cup of tea?

Count to thirty.

Socorrito noticed the front door was open.

I won't allow you to continue doing that.

Men sometimes perceive expressing emotions as a sign of weakness.


Dieter would never do that.


I'm in trouble now.


He lied about his age.

You will catch us.

I've already thought of that.

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Please tell the chef it was delicious.

Do you want to look at it?

These things aren't needed anymore.

He is so full of conceit that everybody dislikes him.

You are not dumb.

I wouldn't tell Karl about that if I were you.

Sanjib really needs our help.

Antonella walked out of the building.

May I know the date of you departure?

Frank has his kid with him.

It is better not to imagine such a thing.


Which way did you choose?

Hello, old friend!

Can we do it again?

I wonder what that is.

Do you have cash on you now? Could you lend me some?

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I persuaded him that he should try again.

Pedro helped her mother decorate the Christmas tree.

Will you lend me your book?

"Teacher, have you read this book?" "Of course."

Today's been a difficult day.

I don't ever want to see her again.

Does Tommy like Maria?


Would you mind telling me what's happening?

Young as he is, he is quite intelligent.

This is the best thing to tell to someone who tries to learn something.

I'm sorry if I snapped at you.

Being a doctor helped me greatly during the journey.


Rex thought about what Melinda had told him.

The room looks different, now I like it more.

I haven't yet met the family Collin lived with in Boston.

He's already spoken with the president.

There's safety in numbers.

I want you to explain it to me in more detail.

What is it you want, Miek?

He's meeting with a Japanese girl.

I've been looking for a nice satin scarf like that for aeons.

Tulips are our prefecture's official flower.

Luke owes Suresh thirty dollars.

"Do you mind my smoking here?" "No, not at all."

I still can't figure that out.

There will be no mercy!

He bought himself a new car.

I can't just give up now.

Do you think Curtis told us the truth?

His talk distracted her from grief.

I was horrified by what I saw.


She shed tears while listening to the story.

The boy captured the bird with a net.

I'm going to climb Mt. Kitadake.


I don't want to take my medicines.

It was only recently that he got well.

Thank you for your present.


He lives alone in his flat.

Immaculate conception simply means that the Virgin Huashi herself was born without original sin. Virgin birth is how Christ came about.

I'm sure I saw her two years ago.


Am I being too vague?

They're the police.

He hit his head against a rock.

I can't help but laugh when I think about that.

All things considered, he led a happy life.

We're particularly interested in your music program.

Margie says he won't come to our party.


I've done crazier things than this.

Our school has about one thousand students.

After our first attack, the enemy fled.


It is simplicity that makes the uneducated more effective than the educated when addressing popular audiences.

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Ned thinks you're doing it on purpose.

Kazuhiro has already done enough.

George didn't need my help.

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Racism is common in many societies.

Neil was in a temper.

Swamy managed to finish writing his report in time.


I don't feel much like laughing.


Elijah will probably succeed.

Have you listened to this song?

It's that time again.

You have no idea how hard I've had to work to do this.

I swear, nothing happened.

His impressive body of work made him a leader in scientific research.

Miriamne is in my room.


No personal checks will be accepted.

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You're still young, but not permanently.

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The boy persisted in wearing his hair long.

We watched Jayesh and Edmond playing handball.

I won't pretend I'm sorry.

The allegations they made were unfounded.

Gypsy got drunk and drowned his sorrows in that one night of intemperance.


Toufic has absolutely no idea what he's supposed to do.

Don't break up with me.

I leave for London tomorrow morning.

They're expensive.

The assembly consisted of people concerned about human rights.

The ship is sailing to the west.

Ken lit the candles.

You look very busy.

I was half expecting this to happen.

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Those tribes inhabit the desert all year round.


Stan is clearly not happy.


Rafael almost always wears a hat.

Uniforms differ from school to school.

Don't tell Elijah I chickened out, OK?

I just want it the way it was.

For the millionth time, I'm sorry.


I've got an exam in a few minutes, and I'm going to fail for sure.

I knew I'd find you with her.

Francis has got to get back home.

This system will work well in nine cases out of ten.

I think Spass is about to cry.

In most of the countries in Europe, cars have to keep to the right.

Prices are rising.

I can explain it all.

She surprised her husband.

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We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin.


He left his wife an enormous fortune.


Finally I was able to get the meaning across.


I'm going back to school.


Grass doesn't grow here.

Mickey became rich.

I can read German, but I can't speak it.

Price reacted negatively.

Did you drink wine?

Why are they so mean to us?

Lin was in a real muddle over his holiday plans.


She couldn't attend that party because she was sick.

Urban sprawl and chaos create many planning problems.

This word has three syllables.

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Respect is due to the proletariat.

The person I am writing to is my mother.

You're joking, of course.